Hurt while having sex on a business trip? No worries, mate!

An Australian woman who was injured while having sex in a hotel room will receive a Worker’s Comp payout as per a Federal Court ruling, according to  And no, she’s not a prostitute, either.

The woman who cannot be named (for fear of embarrassment), an employee of the Human Relations Section of the Commonwealth Government in her late thirties, successfully filed a claim for facial and psychological injuries after a glass light fixture fell off the wall when she was getting in on in November ’07.  As it turns out, she happened to be on a business trip, where she met a special friend for some fun time after dinner.

Her lawyer swayed Justice John Nicholas with the argument that sex was “ordinary incident of life” in a hotel room, and Justice Nicholas concurred, stating that she would’ve received Worker’s Comp for any “other lawful recreational activity” that might have led to injury in her room.

Which begs the question, if prostitution is legal in Columbia and let’s say a Secret Service agent on duty was injured by a pimp for not paying the full amount, would he be able to file a claim?  Only if he was a member of the Australian Secret Service, I suppose…

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