10 REASONS WHY DIXIE DAVE IS THE MAN: Number 9 – His new music video’s more fun than a barrel full of Weed Monkeys

So, Weedeater is coming to town next Tuesday, on a touring package with Saviours, Bison B.C. and Fight Amp.  Although I’m not always enamoured with their recorded output (God Luck and Good Speed FTW!), they are one of my favourite touring sludge bands to see in a live setting.  Their bassist/vocalist “Dixie” Dave Collins is also one of my favourite frontmen.  For the next 10 days, I’ll be counting down 10 reasons why he is the man.

10. He got this tattoo in Europe

9. His new music video is more fun than a barrel full of Weed Monkeys

Recently, Red Fang showed us the damage they could do with a $5,000 video budget.  By contrast, the video for “Turkey Vulture/Mancoon” from Weedeater’s latest, Jason… the Dragon, shows what a band can do with a backwoods swamp, a raccoon mask and a rather large sandwich.  Those two tunes make for a heavy one-two punch, too, might I add.

Can’t embed on here, so you’ll hafta go to Brooklyn Vegan to check ‘er out.

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