Would you like tits with that?

According to Macleans.ca, the so-called breastaurant is the “second-fastest growing sector in the casual dining industry behind upscale burgers.”  And if you’re thinking this sector is named after quarter-chicken dinners, think again.  Taking their cue from Hooters, chains like Tilted Kilt and Twin Peaks succeed with a clientele that’s 80 per cent male, 21 to 35 years old and has a thing for women in plaid skirts—or in the case of the latter, skimpy plaid shirts and hiking shorts.  What’s more, the sector is poised to take Canada by storm, one chest at a time.

Tilted Kilt opened up in Edmonton last year not long before Christmas, and will be established in Calgary just in time for Stampede.  They also plan on opening six locations in the GTA by the end of next year.  (Here’s hoping there’s one on Bay Street!)

Not that this concept is anything new.  Anyone who’s ever been to Shoeless Joe’s knows the breasts are the best thing on the menu—and the chicken ain’t bad, either.  The concept of “enlightened sexism” has certainly been known to sell its share of wings and beers.  Just don’t try to open a breastaurant in East Montreal.  Le Restaurant des Princesses d’Hochelaga, a diner offering topless breakfast, has been mired in a messy legal battle with its borough over a zoning law that forces its serveuses to cover up.  And I don’t think they’d be too thrilled with you wearing a kilt, tilted or otherwise, either.

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