HuffPo PQ sez: Who needs a protest when you can have poutine? (Mmm, poutine…)

The Quebec edition of The Huffington Post launched in February, but it seems they’re still working out some kinks.  Well, either that, or their image editor was awfully hungry when putting together this piece on the provincial Liberals’ annual conference.  Instead of a smiling snapshot of Jean Charest or an angry mob of student protestors, the photo that greets us at the top of the page is of an awfully-appetizing plate of poutine, captured below for prosperity:


Sadly, I scanned the story for poutine metaphors, and came up empty.  But hey, at least it’s almost lunchtime…

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COMMENT OF THE DAY: Way to rain on a dead guy’s parade!


Today, it was announced that Canadian scientist Ralph Steinman is one of three recipients of this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.  A few hours later, it was announced that Dr. Steinman died last Friday.  The Nobel Foundation, which doesn’t usually give out posthumous awards, has decided to make an exception in this case, as they were not aware of Steinman’s death at the time the recipients were announced.

Naturally, a CTV news article on this turn of events seems like just the place for a right-wing rant on privileged student protestors, don’t you think?


I think I know which university this commenter went to, BTW.  The School of Hard Knocks!