The truth isn’t always stranger, but it’s often more believable…

Picked this one up at a discount book sale in the mall about a year ago.  Unfortunately, it didn’t come with the snazzy cover as seen above, but the title and plot summary still managed to catch my eye.  Written in ’06 by (somewhat) long-time journalist, first-time author Iain Hollingshead, Twenty Something tells the story of 25-year-old financial analyst Jack Lancaster, who decides to document a full year of his life in diary format.  The author himself was 25 when he wrote this, drawing somewhat from personal experience, I suppose.

Although the novel humourously depicts the financial industry with a fair amount of accuracy, it’s clear that 25 was an inordinately eventful year for Mr. Lancaster–which surely had nothing to do with the fact that somebody decided to write a book about it.  Also, the fact that something exciting always seems to happen right at the end of every month, serving as a cliffhanger to the next chapter, forces you to suspend belief a tad.  Other than getting paid, I can’t say the last day of the month necessarily stands out from the rest–not in my life, anyways.

In any case, Lancaster both quits his job and gets the girl in dramatic fashion, takes a trip across the globe and ends up finding his true calling, all within the span of 12 months.  As long as you keep in mind that the author clearly crammed a few years’ worth of life experience into one, and stop shaking your head at the perfectly-placed sequence of events (nothing in real life is that linear), then this can be a fairly entertaining read for a twenty-something male audience.  Just don’t expect all this to happen to you when you’re 25, kids.

Oh, and there’s no particular reason why I chose to blog about this book today.  None whatsoever. ;)

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