Entacher: Literally, to stain or to mark with a spot.  Is also employed figuratively in the sense of diminishing the reputation or a person or organization, ie to sully, to discredit.

As seen in: « Une première accusation criminelle a été portée mardi à la suite de l’enquête d’Élections Canada sur de présumés appels frauduleux qui auraient entaché les élections fédérales de mai 2011. »

(Translation: “An initial criminal charge was filed Tuesday after the Elections Canada inquiry into the alleged fraudulent calls that are said to have sullied the federal election of May 2011.”)

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COMMENT OF THE DAY: Stephen the Omniscient…


According to this CBC commentor, Stephen Harper couldn’t have possibly ordered the Pierre Poutine robocalls, not unless he’s God–or an alien!

Not saying it’s gonna happen, but I would certainly hope that the mandatory minimums for election fraud would be greater than those for marijuana possession.  After all, only one of these crimes harms all Canadians…

Will the real Mike Sona please stand up?

In a bizarre sidebar to their latest story on the Pierre Poutine robocall scandal, the National Post is reporting that someone NOT named Michael Sona is behind the YouTube video “Michael Sona Speaks Out,” which sees our erstwhile antagonist “taking responsibility for the robocalls and promising to get revenge on the Conservatives for firing him by revealing more about robocalls.”  In a truly strange twist, the reported man in question isn’t even Canadian.

According to the Post, the video was made by a University of Florida football fan in Orlando, whose previous work includes a video “that threatened to commit physical violence to fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide.”  Furthermore, it seems that those resourceful Bama backers have identified him as Brett Warren, a 31-year-old currently on probation after being arrested for burglary and three counts of theft of items worth less than $3,000.  No word as to whether those items included a ballot box. ;)

So maybe Sona can’t rap, but next to Stephen he looks awfully slim, and he’s sure got himself caught up in some shady dealings here.  Perhaps he’ll need some peroxide once this all blows over—and then he’d really look the part!

Hurry on in for Pierre Poutine’s Russian presidential sale!

As I first remarked several months ago, newly (re-)elected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s name translates to Vladimir Poutine en français.  This has been known to cause confusion amongst Quebeckers who think that Président Poutine is a casse-croute on boulevard Saint-Laurent.  However, it still beats the English spelling as far as foreign relations are concerned.  Suffice to say that Vladimir Putain (as it would be pronounced) could hardly be taken seriously in France. ;)

And hey, I’m sure we can take advantage of it here in Canada, too.  Perhaps Guelph’s most infamous poutinerie could have a sale, keeping in line with the Russian election results

Hey, as long as they don’t make me get back in line and go through my order a second time, I’m all for it! ;)

COMMENT OF THE DAY: How not to vote for the Conservative party…


The latest on the robocall scandal is that the phone used to call RackNine was registered to a Pierre Poutine of Separatist Street in Joliette, Quebec.  Yeah, that’s not a fake name or anything.  Did I mention there’s a Pierre’s Poutine in Guelph?  The Ottawa Citizen does here.  And Restaurantica gives it 3.5 stars!

That said, the most interesting conversation I’ve read on the topic today comes from a Macleans Magazine blog that does little more than provide a couple links to other stories.  I like how the respondent misconstrued the question here.  Gee, the CPC wouldn’t know anything about that, would they?


(What happens if you go to vote after work, though?)