Zooey shines in New Girl in spite of her stock supporting characters

Ever watch a movie or a TV show because you thought the lead actress was hot?  Did it ever turn out to be any good?  Well, I sat through the season premiere of FOX’s New Girl last nite, starring Zooey Deschanel, every hipster’s dream girl.  I’m not sure why I have a thing for her, though I really liked her work in Almost Famous

Anyways, the basic premise of the show is that the dorky, awkward Deschanel just got out of a bad relationship and moves into a trendy new loft apartment—with three male roommates.  Stop me if you’ve heard this (or something similar) before.  Although Zooey shines as the nerdy, clueless character who’s still pretty underneath her dorky clothes and those big glasses, I can’t say the same for her three male co-stars.

Let’s see, you’ve got the overly sensitive guy who’s still getting over a break-up (Paul Rudd in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, anyone?), the personal trainer who has no idea how to talk to women (played by one of the Wayans Brothers) and the douchebag who thinks he’s hot stuff and unleashes a string of terrible pickup lines on anything with breasts (coincidentally, this actor kinda looks like Paul Rudd).

The first episode ends with Deschanel getting stood up on a date, and her three roomies, who’ve been living with her for maybe a week at this point, leave the “hottest party of the year” to come to her rescue, brightening her spirits by singing the theme from Dirty Dancing to her in the restaurant, before they all go home and watch the movie together.  Yeah, like that would ever happen in real life…

Bottom line, if this show lasts more than three weeks, it’s because there’s a lotta hipsters out there who’d like to gaze awkwardly across a room at Zooey Deschanel.

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