Brosseau to replace Layton as NDP leader?

In his Journal de Montréal column, Christopher Hall suggests that a certain “Hélène Brosseau” could become the new leader of the NDP—as long as she spends the leadership campaign in Vegas.  Very funny, buddy, but her name’s Ruth Ellen, and she prefers R.E..  BTW, the media seems to have missed the fact that she has five tattoos and a lip-ring, as Justin Kingsley discovered for Ottawa Magazine.  How long till we find out she used to be a Suicide Girl?  In the meantime, you can check out her feet tats in this CBC video.

Hall’s column, which is purely satirical, also suggests some other potential candidates for NDP leadership, such as Lucien Bouchard—who now charges 800 dollars an hour in the private sector—Gilles Duceppe—who has experience leading 50 deputies from Quebec—and himself, noting that he only charges half as much as Bouchard.  An entertaining read, if you speak the language.  (Google Translate for the rest of ya!)

Hey, if an Anglophone whose last name starts with a hard H can be a humour columnist for Le Journal, I might actually have a future in La Belle Province.  (Quebec, that is, not the restaurant chain…)

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