COMMENT OF THE DAY: If only there was a more accurate way to collect homicide data…


Although the Canadian homicide rate rose slightly last year, gun killings are down significantly—and that was before they even scrapped that famous registry.  Mind you, the reported rate doesn’t necessarily account for all those unreported homicides.  Perhaps instead of bringing back the long-gun registry, we should bring back the long-form census?


(Hmm, would there be a penalty for giving the wrong answer to that question?)

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Bisbille: A quarrel or disagreement over a minor issue; a petty squabble.

As seen in: « Les commentaires de Justin Trudeau au sujet de «l’échec» du registre des armes d’épaule ont semé la bisbille au sein de la famille libérale et provoqué des railleries de la part du chef néo-démocrate, Thomas Mulcair, qui s’est moqué des «crisettes internes» des libéraux. »

(Translation: “Justin Trudeau’s comments about the failure of the long-gun registry created squabbles within the Liberal family and provoked pleasantries from New Democrat leader Thomas Mulcair, who mocked the Liberals’ internal crisis.”)

COMMENT OF THE DAY: Dictators dig the long gun (and the registry that tracks ‘em)!


It really hasn’t been a good week for Vic Toews.  A couple days after the state of New Yorkdeclared that it stands with the child pornographers, its northern neighbours in Ontario have announced that they are openly defying Vic over the long-gun registry.  Dalton McGuinty said Friday that he wanted stores to keep records of who buys firearms, despite objections in Ottawa, as per the National Post.  I guess it’s so he can continue to rein over Ontarians with an iron fist, eh buddy?

That’s funny, I could’ve sworn that Hitler provided guns to a whole bunch of his soldiers, and nobody shot him—though Tom Cruise did try to blow him up.  Had he succeeded, I reckon we’d have had a Top Gun registry, to boot! ;)