COMMENT OF THE DAY: This guy doesn’t call himself Mr. Venom for nothing!


A mere seven months after it began, the Angelo Persichilli era is over, as the PMO’s communications director has stepped down, citing doctor’s orders.  The 63-year-old former journalist raised some eyebrows in Quebec with a column he wrote for the Toronto Star that suggested la belle province was balkanizing our country and turning the federal government into a giant ATM.  Adding insult to injury, it was revealed that he didn’t speak a word of French.  He said he’d learn, but so much for that.  Once the initial kerfuffle died down, he was largely invisible during his short stint on the job.

Alas, while it’s safe to say nobody in Quebec will be wishing him bon voyage, I think to say that the entire country hates this guy would be a bit of a stretch.  Unless your screen-name is Mr. Venom, that is:

Personally, I can’t get past the gory imagery of Persichilli being shoved headfirst into a big blue vagina.  I think I find that more disgusting than anything Harper Comm. Director Number Six ever said or did…

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