Did John Travolta tell them “You’re the One that I Want?”

As a pair of recent lawsuits would suggest, either John Travolta has a thing for male massage therapists—or there’s clearly a plot against him.  Reuters is reporting that the Saturday Night Fever star is alleged to have gotten down, gotten down with a pair of masseurs during two separate incidents in January according to a 2-million dollar lawsuit filed against him by the plaintiffs.

According to the lawsuit, Travolta allegedly sexually assaulted one man during a private massage at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Jan. 16, then, according to the other man, “rubbed his legs, touched his genitals and tried to initiate sex at a private appointment at the actor’s room inside an Atlanta hotel on Jan. 28.”  If the masseurs are to be believed, it seems Travolta didn’t know “private massage” is only code for sexual intercourse in Thailand and certain establishments in Chinatown.

Then again, they could just be making this whole story up.  It’s not like people haven’t tried to take advantage of celebrities in the past.  Remember Justin Bieber’s Babygate?  Yeah, that was a buncha BS.  As for Travolta, the alleged victims’ lawyer said “the men did not go to the police because they did not think the police would believe them.”

Now, if it had been Tom Cruise, maybe they would’ve had a case…

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