COMMENT OF THE DAY: We can’t stop here… This is rhino country!


In what has to be the strangest story I’ve seen today, Wade Steffen, a professional steer wrestler and camel trainer from Hico, Texas, was arrested along with six other people and charged with trafficking in endangered rhinoceros horns.  Apparently, the feds searched his bags at the airport and found rhino horns, cash, bars of gold, diamonds and Rolex watches.  Woo-wee!  Now Texas, which has recently abandoned mandatory minimum sentencing in favour of parole programs for non-violent offenders, might not keep this cowboy locked up for long.  One Houston Chronicle commentor even hinted at an ideal work-release program for the soon-to-be ex-con:


Then again, maybe we should keep this hombre away from vengeful rhinos.  The story also points out that Steffen hasn’t competed in any rodeos since he underwent six hours of emergency surgery after being badly bitten by a camel.  Ouch!

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