COMMENT OF THE DAY: She can’t be a spy–she has an iPhone, for St. Pete’s sake!


Several tabloids today are reporting that Russian spy Anna Chapman, one of the 10 sleeper agents arrested and deported from the U.S. in 2010, was apparently close to seducing an unnamed member of President Obama’s staff.  Perhaps there was more to the highly-publicized espionage case than a bunch of incompetent commies posing as soccer moms after all?

Mind you, the mere suggestion that there could’ve been Soviet spies in the White House has sent some Americans reeling, like this guy:

Erm, if you were posing as a regular American, wouldn’t you want to arm yourself with all the latest made-in-China technological gadgets?  I’m sure she’d be spotted from a mile away if she was texting on her Дельта Телеком handset while rolling in her Lada.  Then again, Wikipedia says that Apple sells phones in Russia too, so, y’know…

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