Who would play drums for the Punk Rock Overdose All-Stars?

After watching a shockingly awful Swedish TV performance by Johnny Thunders late last nite, the wheels started turning.  If I was to go to hell and assemble a band of the most strung-out, fucked-up punk rock musicians, who would be in in it?  Well, I think I’ve got three spots nailed down, but I’m having some difficulty deciding on a drummer.  Any suggestions?

On vocals, I’ve got Sid Vicious (since we all know he couldn’t play bass)

The aforementioned Johnny Thunders on guitar–this performance confirms it!

On bass, Dee Dee Ramone, who was clearly on crack when he did this:

As for drummers, I was gonna say Jeff Porcaro as a joke, but I’ve already had my fun at his expense.  (I mean, the dude actually died from a bizarre gardening accident!)  Besides, even though he was in one of the gayest bands of the 80’s, Porcaro could still play circles around the rest of these guys.  Let’s see, El Duce was hit by a train, or so they say.  Had he OD’d, he’d be perfect.

Wait, I got it.  Didn’t Dimwit, the guy who played drums for D.O.A., Subhumans and The Pointed Sticks OD on smack in the mid-90’s?  Hmm, is that the best I can do?  Well, the drummer of Detox also OD’d–ironic, I know–but I think I’ll stick with Dimwit.

By the way, his brother is still alive and well, despite what some bloggers might say.

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