COMMENT OF THE DAY: Vince McMahon disapproves of the Toronto Sun’s top concert list!


Toronto Sun entertainment writer Jane Stevenson revealed her top concerts of 2011 today, a list that includes Peter Gabriel, Aretha Franklin and the double bill of Jay-Z and Kanye West.  (Of the latter, she writes “It was kind of impossible to keep your eyes off the two charismatic, handsome men … West was dressed in a black leather skirt with black leather leggings. Somehow he pulled it off.”)  Suffice to say that these selections did not go over well with the Sun’s faithful readership:


(To be fair, she did mention Chris Cornell’s solo performance at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre…)

As for this site, my top 10 concert list will be posted on New Year’s Eve, FYI.  And no, it doesn’t include Soundgarden, Pearl Jam or the Foo Fighters—or any of the Sun’s selections, for that matter ;)

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