Chiquita to stop using Alberta oil!? That’s bananas!

Yesterday, Chiquita Brands International announced that it was going to stop shipping its bananas with fuel from refineries that process crude from the Alberta oilsands.  Naturally, the Alberta Enterprise Group has responded in kind with a call to boycott Chiquita bananas.  Not that they go with Alberta beef in the first place …

Apparently, the banana producer has partnered with an organization called ForestEthics to make sure that the diesel in its trucks wasn’t refined from Alberta oil.  I guess they’ll be getting their fuel from Nebraska, since we all know that the Keystone XL pipeline won’t be going through there.  Some people say this is awfully rich coming from a company that supports terrorism, but I’m sure those Columbian guerrillas only used oil from ethical sources.

Personally, I can’t say I’d be affected much if they were to take things one step further and ban bananas in my ol’ stompin’ grounds.  They only taste good with chocolate ice cream, anyways!

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