Dirty tricks!? Robocalls!? Gee, where I have I seen this before?

One common complaint about the Conservatives’ robocalling campaign is that they’re borrowing tactics from the Republican Party.  A quick look at this Guardian article about the Republican primary in Michigan would appear to validate this concern.  Here are a few choice snippets for your perusal:

“Romney used a rare press conference to take a swipe at Santorum, describing him as ‘desperate’ for resorting to what he called dirty tricks in the Michigan primary, where voters are flooding to the polls on Tuesday.”

“Santorum, in an effort to bridge the gap with Romney, has resorted to robocalls pleading with Democrats to come out to vote against Romney because he had opposed Barack Obama’s 2008 bailout of the car industry on which Michigan depends.”

“If Romney was to lose Michigan, the robocalls offer him an opportunity to claim he won among Republicans but lost because of mischief by Democrats, encouraged by Santorum.”

All that’s missing is a reference to Nixon, eh Bob Rae?

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