Man… What the hell happened to the Metalliance Tour!?

Last year’s Metalliance Tour was pretty sweet.  I ended up taking the trip down to Cleveland on a Saturday nite to catch Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Kylesa, Red Fang, Howl, The Atlas Moth and a couple other bands I missed cuz I didn’t get there early enough.  Oh, and Helmet went on afterwards, but I was a part of the mass exodus towards the exits by then.  Had to hop on an early bus outta town the next day ‘n all…

Now, the other day, when I was looking at tickets on Rotate This’ website, I noticed that the Metalliance Tour was coming to Toronto this Saturday nite.  Sweet, I thought, I wonder who’s playing this year…  Let’s just say uncovering that information proved to be a major letdown:

The bands on the poster above range from awful to “contains former members of Coal Chamber.”  Nuff said.  3 Inches of Blood were badass when they used to cross over the BC border and come play Calgary back in the day, and I’d probably like Dying Fetus if I was more of a death metal guy, but the rest of this roster receives a giant Meh from me.  Certainly not what I was expecting when I first saw that name on the concert listings, that’s for sure!

Then again, it’s not quite the same tour name, either.  Last year’s edition combined the two words into Metalliance, while this one clearly separates them, thus avoiding copyright infringement while showing no signs of originality.  Oddly enough, both tours seem to have been sponsored by Revolver, although the only dirt I could find on last year’s sponsors is second-hand info.  However, I suppose that when you supplant Brooklyn Vegan, whose tastes skew towards the sludgier side of things, with Roadrunner Records (home of Nickelback!) as a secondary sponsor, this is the result.

Oh well, I’ll just save my scratch for another trip down south.  This upcoming Brooklyn Vegan-sponsored tour doesn’t have some fancy name, but in terms of quality over quantity, it sure wins big.  Too bad the closest stop is in fuckin’ Philly, of all places.  Might hafta fly out to Seattle and pick up a new Matt Flynn jersey while I’m there, though.  We shall see…

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