WOMEN OF SLUDGE: 1. Liz Buckingham (guitar, 13, Sourvein, Electric Wizard)

This year, the hottest female-fronted tour of the summer is Kylesa/Blood Ceremony/White Hills, which hits Toronto TONIGHT!!!!  But in this case, these female musicians don’t just sing–and they don’t always sing, either.  So, I’ve expanded this countdown to feature some of my favourite female sludge musicians, regardless of instrument.  Who knows what I’m gonna do for next year’s female-fronted tour of the summer.  I might hafta get a jump on looking up the top transsexual lesbians in doom… :P

10. Bina Berger (drums, Mendozza)

9. Andrea Black (guitar, Howl, A Storm of Light)

8. Bottom

7. Stevie Floyd (guitar/vocals, Dark Castle, Taurus)

6. Thérèse Lanz (guitar/vocals, Mares of Thrace)

5. Wata (guitar, Boris)

4. Chiyo Nukaga (drums, Noothgrush, Graves at Sea)

3. Gazelle Amber Valentine (guitar/vocals, Jucifer)

2. Laura Pleasants (guitar/vocals, Kylesa)

1. Liz Buckingham (guitar, 13, Sourvein, Electric Wizard)

While you can’t really classify the last couple Electric Wizard records as sludge, Buckingham would probably be on this list even had she never married Jus Oborn and moved to Dorset.  An original member of early practitioners 13, who released splits with Grief and Eyehategod, Buckingham then moved south to Sourvein, performing on their classic Salvation and Will to Mangle records.  Legend has it she met Jus on the Wizard’s doomed ’02 US tour, and the rest, as they say, is herstory.  Here’s but a brief clip from the band’s only US appearance since–at MDF 2012:

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