Now that’s one children’s story with an unhappy ending!

Who knew that Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones drowned himself at the home of Winnie the Pooh?  And what’s more, this house can be yours for a cool $3.2-million, according to Forbes.

The digs are Cotchford Farm in Ashdown Forest, Sussex, UK, home to author A.A. Milne from the mid 20’s until 1959.  Not only did he write many of his children’s books here, but several local landmarks worked their way into the stories.  As per the Forbes piece, “Galleons Leap and Hundred Acre Wood (whose real name is Five Hundred Acre Wood) – sit nearby in Ashdown Forest. So does the bridge where Christopher Robin used to play Pooh sticks.”

This couldn’t have been lost on the late guitarist, as there is still a sculpture of Christopher Robin as well as a sundial with several Pooh characters on the property.  And yes, the pool that ended Jones’ life is still there—and still in use, no less!

A property developer named Alastair Jones bought the farm in 1970, though he’s reportedly looking to sell it to spend more time in France.  (I guess he hasn’t heard of their new President’s tax proposal.)  Alas, the new owner likely won’t be a Stones-obsessed Pooh fan, according to the property’s real estate agent.  “I think the buyers will be British, with children between five and eight years old, and they will be living in either south or southwest London at the moment and moving here for a better quality of life.”  Unless Anton Newcombe has an extra $3-million lying around somewhere, that is…

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