AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: All That Is Heavy II @ Maverick’s, Ottawa, May 12th

As you may know, I was involved with college radio for six years or so before the CRTC took my baby away.  Although I’ve since moved on to online radio with Gruesome Tunes, I still support those who keep on truckin’ on the FM dial, especially when they put on a bitchin’ doomfest like Ottawa’s CKCU 93.1 did last weekend.  Twas the first time I’d seen the nation’s capital without snow on the ground in roughly a decade, but alas, I wasn’t there to admire the greenery…

After a couple decent local opening acts (namely Loviatar and Monobrow) set the mood, the fun really got started with Maryland doomsters Revelation.  I’ve seen these guys a couple times at other festivals–and once in Toronto many moons ago as Against Nature–and while there’s certainly nothing flashy about their on-stage performance, they’ve been known to steal a show or two despite their low-key appearance with some rock-solid heavy rhythms.

Nothing flashy–aside from axe-bassman Geezer Bertler, that is!

The next band, Blizaro, were no stranger to these parts, hailing from Rochester Rock City.  They’ve played TO a few times, but this was their first trip up to the capital.  As always, their brand of horror doom delights with Paul Chain covers and Moog organ a-plenty!

Perhaps the biggest draw of the evening was Maryland underground doom stalwarts Iron Man, making their first Canadian appearance.  From the conversations I heard inside and outside the venue, they seemed to be the ones many folks were most excited to see.  Me, I had caught ‘em once already some three summers ago at Born II Late in Rochester, but in the interim, they’d changed both their singer and their drummer, so they were 50% New and Improved heading into this gig.  New frontman Dee Calhoun is quite the imposing figure, but this band is truly the Al Morris Show, the man channeling Iommi for some serious doom riffage!  And I must say, Mr. Morris and his cohorts were much more animated than the last time I remembered…

The Black Knight himself, Alfred Morris III!

Of course, I am all too familiar with Blood Ceremony, the headliners of the evening.  Though they haven’t paid their dues as long as some of the other bands on the bill, they are undoubtedly the biggest name for those not deeply emerged in the underground doom scene, what with their recent tour as main support for Ghost.  Now, I might have been the only one in the room who’s seen three different drummers behind the kit for BC, and I gotta say, their new guy is a lot more expressive than his predecessor.  Case in point:

All in all, the band put on an outstanding set, as any notions of them being blown off the stage were quickly dispelled.  It seems that after opening for the likes of Ghost and Electric Wizard, these guys have now reached headliner status themselves, albeit on a smaller scale.  Unfortunately, most of my pics of them were pretty terrible.  Dunno if it was the lighting, my camera battery on its last legs, or just the fact that I was alcohaulin’ ass at that point–but anyways, these shots were at least somewhat salvageable:

This picture is pure evil–with a dash of Bobby Liebling!

A great gig from start to finish.  I can only wonder what they’ve got planned for ATH III…

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