This is why you don’t give your phone number to a cab driver…

Since I’m heading off to Ottawa this weekend for the All That’s Heavy II doomfest, I decided to look into some local cab companies.  Based on Google reviews, it looks like they all suck pretty bad, so I guess it doesn’t matter which one I choose.  There was one review for Capital Taxi that stood out from the rest, though…

Now ladies, I may not be the gangster of love, but if giving your number to a guy feels so awkard (sic), you might wanna give him Pizza Pizza’s number instead.  Because, let’s face it, he’s not gonna ask for your number then not call you.  In fact, he’s probably more likely to keep calling and even ask for sexual favours, ‘specially if he drives a cab for a living…

On that note, I am definitely calling Capital Taxi tomorrow.  I kinda wanna meet this guy, haha.

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