That’s right, I’m not ashamed to admit I’m an AC/DC fan.  Always have been, always will be–even if they keep releasing the same album every few years, albeit with less bite and intensity than the one before (particularly noticeable on the last three).  Hey, I won’t argue that they aren’t breaking any new ground nowadays, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And when I say I’ve always been an AC/DC fan, I’m not really stretching the truth.  They were my first favourite band, going back to when I was six years old.  When I first started listening to rock radio, I remember my dad listing off a buncha bands that I shouldn’t be listening to.  (Hey, I was six, after all!)  I can’t recall any of the other artists, but AC/DC was definitely on the list.  Naturally, I kept an ear open for ‘em after that, and they’ve always received ample airplay, so I had no issues there.  That said, I didn’t find out what some of those songs were about till I was a bit older, heh heh…

Growing up in Calgary, opportunities to see ‘em in concert were few and far between–and usually sold out within minutes, to boot.  I never got a chance to catch em in the flesh till the Black Ice tour hit Rogers Centre in November 2008.  Not bad for a buncha old farts.  Mind you, I’ve always preferred the Bon Scott era of the band.  Brian Johnson may be a solid showman, but all their best lyrics were written by Bon.  RIP.

On that note, I’m currently reading AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll, an extensive band bio that I picked up for seven bucks at Chapters a few weeks back.  The book goes through the band’s career on a year-by-year basis, using all kinds of archival interviews and conversations with people who were there to tell the tale of the Thunder from Down Under.  Right now, I’m just finishing up 1979.  Of course, we all know what happens next…

It wasn’t long after I bought the book that I first heard about the AC/DC exhibit they’re hosting this summer in Seattle, home of my beloved Seahawks.  Unique to North America, the EMP Museum exhibition features “more than 400 artifacts including photos, instruments, 35 years of gig posters from shows staged around the world, letters, lyrics, and costumes.”

Suffice to say that I just bought my plane ticket to Seattle.  (I need a new Hawks jersey, anyways!)

Although I’m a fan of their earlier work (Highway to Hell > Back in Black IMO), there is one song from their first album that I can’t even stand listening to anymore–and it wasn’t radio that ruined it for me, either.  Y’see, growing up in Calgary, we not only learned how to line dance in gym class; we line-danced to “T.N.T.” by AC/DC.  Though I can’t say I remember the steps, clicking my heals to that song with my gym shorts on made me not wanna hear it ever again.  Still brings back bad memories to this day. *shudder*

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3 responses to “GUILTY PLEASURES: AC/DC

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