Google sees your South Korean dashboard-mounted TV, and raises you… a car that drives itself!

Next time you have a few too many drinks during an all-nite gambling spree in Vegas, you can count on Google to take you back to your hotel.  Well OK, they haven’t made them available to the public yet, but Google’s self-driving car just passed its driver’s test in Nevada, the first state to allow “autonomous vehicles” on its roads.  The cars have special red license plates with an infinity sign and the words “AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE” on them, which are currently only available to test vehicles from technology firms.

Furthermore, in addition to 113 dollars in license and registration fees, Nevada requires self-driving car owners to “purchase a surety bond of $1 million to put up to 5 vehicles on the road.”  That would take one helluva hot streak to get that kinda dough—unless you’re a major corporation.

These miracle machines have already accomplished such astounding feats as taking a blind man to Taco Bell and automatically upgrading him to Fries Supreme, and even though one got into an accident, it wasn’t the computer’s fault.  But while the Google search engine hasn’t been hacked in recent memory, one might come to rue the day when you hafta call Geek Squad, not a mechanic, to fix your car.  I guess you’ll just hafta avoid downloading porn to your Toyota Prius, to be safe.

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