As if texting while driving wasn’t bad enough…

AFP is reporting that South Korean police will propose a new law against watching TV while driving after a distracted trucker killed three “professional women cyclists” in an accident southeast of Seoul last Tuesday.  Wait, what?

Apparently, dashboard-mounted TVs are commonplace in Korea, and though they’re designed to shut off while a vehicle’s in motion, they apparently “can be easily reconfigured to stay on.”  Rumour has it they can also be easily reconfigured to receive free HBO…

According to AFP, Seoul taxi drivers are said to be amongst the culprits, which figures, as their profession has been known not to respect the rules of the road from time to time.  C’mon, would you really wanna get in a cab with a guy doing 80 in the city while watching Game of Thrones?  I sure wouldn’t!

On that note, I certainly hope they don’t have these TVs on public transit, for the passengers’ sake

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