So, this is the year I discovered HotDocs…

Though my initiation to the Toronto Film Festival began within a couple weeks of moving out here, I had never really done the HotDocs thing before.  Sure, I’d seen The Story of Anvil in ’08 and Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage a couple years back at the Winter Garden Theatre, but I’d never taken in a set of smaller screenings in one sitting like I’ve been doing at TIFF for some six years now.  I suppose the construction of the Bell Lightbox has something to do with it; a large, upscale cinema along the subway line–or maybe there’s just some really good films this year.

On that note, I caught the Jason Becker biopic Not Dead Yet last weekend and saw the midnite screening of Warped Tour doc No Room For Rockstars last nite (or rather this morning, I suppose).  Got my ticket in hand for Theo Fleury:Playing with Fire at the Lightbox tonite (I’ve already read the book), and am wondering whether it’ll cool down enough by 9:30 for me to bust out my ’99 vintage Flames jersey.  Mind you, it doesn’t have Fleury’s name on the back, but Marc Savard’s

And while I must say that I’ve never stood in a Rush line at TIFF, always buying my tickets ahead of time, I am quite prepared to do so tomorrow.  I missed out on the Jay Bulger doc Beware of Mr. Baker when it was shown in my neighbourhood last weekend, but I’ve been keen on catching it ever since I saw the zany trailer before it screened at SXSW a couple months ago.  Apparently, Ginger’s been up to some crazy shit since he disappeared from the spotlight–not that he wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary back in the day with Cream, either.  This one’s a 1 pm showing at the Lightbox tomorrow, and I intend to be the first in that Rush line.  (Incidentally, I didn’t stand in Rush for Beyond the Lighted Stage–I pre-purchased my ticket for that one.)

Oh, and here’s that crazy trailer I was talking about:

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