Extra, extra, read all about it!  Rob Ford called the cops again—on another reporter, no less!  Only this time it wasn’t the CBC’s fearsome Mary Walsh, but that heinous evildoer Daniel Dale, City Hall reporter for the nefarious Toronto Red Star.  It seems Dale was either investigating a story about Ford purchasing more land to build a bigger fence around his property (his story) or peeping in on the mayor’s kids (Ford’s side of things).  In any case, this led to a physical confrontation, whereby Ford allegedly “ran at him with his fist raised and threatened him, forcing Dale to drop his cell phone and personal recorder.”  And then he called the cops to remind them that he’s the mayor of this city.

This latest battle in Ford’s War on the Star has dragged other media outlets into the fray, as The Mayor of This CityTM says he’ll refuse to speak in any media scrum if Dale’s within shouting distance, going as far as to suggest that he ought to be banned from City Hall.  But that’s only the beginning, says this National Post commentor:

(Erm, if the Star’s a false “news” agency, what does that make the Toronto Sun?  Wait, don’t answer that…)

Meanwhile, the commentors in Ford’s defense on CTV News are equally passionate, albeit less erudite.  Case in point:

(Don Cherry, is that you?)

(Chad Kroeger, is that you?  Erm, you spelt guitar wrong…)

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