I’ll take Ripoffs for $20-million, Alex!

Government-enforced cutbacks at the CBC have forced the national broadcaster to drop two popular programs from its lineup, the Toronto Star reports.  Those programs?  None other than legendary game shows Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!

According to The Star, the two shows cost the network “as much as $20 million annually in broadcast licence fees,” though the CBC wouldn’t confirm that figure.  Don Cherry could sure buy a lotta suits with that kinda dough, no doot aboot it…

On the plus side, it seems they no longer need the ratings boost.  “When we purchased Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, it was specifically so that we would have a time every night when we would have 1 million viewers tune in,” said the CBC’s director of content planning, noting that Arctic Air and Republic of Doyle are great at gathering people around their TVs.  Apparently, they have 10 shows now that get over a million viewers.  Betcha can’t name ‘em all!  (I know I can’t…)

Unfortunately, Alex Trebeck’s moustache couldn’t be reached for comment.

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