COMMENT OF THE DAY: Who needs official bilingualism when you’ve got Google Translate!? (Ahem…)


The NDP’s languages critic, Yvon Godin, tabled a private member’s bill today that would require parliamentary officers, such as the auditor-general or privacy commissioner, to be functionally bilingual in English and French.  As someone who’s fluent in each language (despite never having lived in Quebec), I am of the opinion that to work for the government of this, or any, country, one should speak all of its official languages.  But it seems the commentors over at the National Post tend to disagree.


Hey buddy, ever tried translating something into another language, then back into English, using Google Translate?  Here’s what you end up with after the above comment bounces from English to French and back again:

“I can go online and translate any document as it is free and we need to bilingualism in this country? I will vote for a party that promises to rid this country of this mess expensive. It is only the beginning of the fall of the NDP in the ROC.”

Hmm, not too shabby, but that kind of grammar will get you ridiculed on certain news sites… ;)

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