COMMENT OF THE DAY: MP Snooze-A-Lot puts his foot in mouth again!



Despite the rumblings that Alberta could see its first change in power in four decades, this election turned out pretty much like every other election in the old country, with the Progressive Conservatives winning another comfortable majority government.  This was despite several pollsters indicating a breakthrough win by the upstart Wildrose Party, whose social views are somewhat to the right of… Calgary Northwest MP Rob Anders, who gave them not only his public endorsement, but also suggested that most of his Alberta colleagues would vote for them as well.  Looks like he musta been napping during the caucus meeting again…


Sadly, I can’t see this happening.  Somehow, he’ll just find a way to blame it on the NDP.  Though I no longer live in his riding, I would honestly vote for Ruth Ellen Brosseau over Rob Anders!

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