ONE WEEKEND IN PITTSBURGH: I’m back… from the dead!

Just got in from Pittsburgh a couple hours ago.  Nice city, very modern, friendly people, etc.  Had a minor hiccup at the airport as I was leaving, but other than a hefty phone bill that I should rightfully be able to charge to United Airlines–if only it worked that way–I’ve got no complaints.  Dream Death was great (so was Argus), and the Pirates have a real nice stadium, although outdoor baseball in single-digit (Celsius) weather is definitely not for me.  Also, the Senator John Heinz History Center is well worth the 10-dollar price of admission–but I’ll have more on all that later, throughout the week.  Another memorable part of my trip was the food.  Being the fat fuck that I am, you know I was going to chow down on this trip!

For example, this was my breakfast on Saturday morning, courtesy of local institution Primanti Bros:

Good thing I didn’t grab anything at the airport beforehand, eh?

(Oh, and the title of this post is a Dream Death reference, in case you missed my write-up on Journey Into Mystery below.  There’s nothing dead about the Steel City as far as I can tell…)

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