Ozzie Guillen’s Illusions

Pete Rose bet on baseball, and that’s why he’ll never be in the Hall of Fame.  Ditto Shoeless Joe and the Black Sox, who threw the World Series.  But Ozzie Guillen, the former White Sox and current Miami Marlins manager known for his colourful comments, has been suspended five games for actions that have nothing to do with baseball.  On the suspension scale, it’s not nearly as stupid as Sean Avery’s sloppy seconds, but Ozzie saying he loves Fidel Castro, while fully deserving of all the criticism and hatred from his Miami fanbase, hardly seems to impair his ability to call for a hit-and-run or lay down a bunt sign.

This isn’t the first time the MLB has stepped in to suspend someone for their controversial views, though it’s been a while.  According to the Associated Press, late Reds owner Marge Schott “so embarrassed baseball in the 1990s with her inflammatory racial remarks and fond recollections of Adolf Hitler that she was suspended from ownership duties for a season.”  Who knew that Marge Schott had been to Nazi Germany?  Don’t get me wrong, Castro has been a thorn in the side of America for many decades, but I don’t think he’s quite on the same scale as Hitler.  Considering the large number of Cuban-Americans in Miami who escaped Castro’s reign, Ozzie may have put his foot in his mouth, but I think that any suspension and/or fine should come from the club, not the commissioner’s office.  Heck, I’m not entirely opposed to the people saying he should resign…

Speaking of the Cuban dictator, it seems Fidel has a bone to pick with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  In an essay entitled “Stephen Harper’s Illusions,” Castro contends that Canada is still in the pocket of the UK, that its mining companies are destroying Latin America while giving a miniscule share of their revenues to the region, and that Harper should feel guilty about wearing a guayabera shirt to an OAS meeting where Cuba isn’t invited.  He even pines for the days of Trudeau, calling him “a brilliant and courageous politician who died prematurely.”

OK, on second thought, if Ozzie Guillen loves this guy so much, maybe he should be banned from baseball, too! ;)

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5 responses to “Ozzie Guillen’s Illusions

  1. Again, let Ozzie have his opinions. Let us disagree with them. I know the Marlins are trying to impress a new neighborhood, and rebuild a franchise…I get it. But just tell Ozzie to “put a sock in it,” serve his little suspension, and move on!

    • I generally agree (unless you believe the last line of my post, haha), but I do think that he went a bit too far this time. If I was a Cuban-American in Miami, I’d have a right to be pissed.

      • Very true. The thing with Ozzie is that he’s always “shooting off” about something. But I agree, he shouldn’t have voiced his opinions so strongly. Especially at this particular time in Miami’s rebuilding.

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