COMMENT OF THE DAY: Now there’s a PPV I’d pay to see!


Between Justin Trudeau’s unlikely boxing victory over Senator Brazeau and Thomas Mulcair’s much more likely win in the NDP leadership race, people have been paying a lotta attention to the opposition parties lately–albeit not to Bob Rae, the leader of the Liberals until he they decide otherwise.  But ol’ Bob still has a few tricks up his sleeve, including comparing the new NDP leader to a pint-sized edition of our current PM.

“If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind in Canada, let me just say that the era of love and good feeling is clearly over inside the NDP. It’s a new regime,” he said.  “We’ve now moved to the world where anger apparently is better than love, arrogance is now better than humility and petulance is much stronger than respect.”

I think we can see where this is headed…

How soon before I can make a bet–for charity, of course–on Mulcair?  I think he’d be a slight favourite in my books…

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