Never been to the Leap Year Capital of the World? You’re probably not alone…

Did you know that the official Leap Year Capital of the World is a small town named Anthony on the border of New Mexico and Texas?  As MSNBC reports, both state governors made the official proclamation in 1988, and it was included in the Congressional Record by former Senator Pete Domenici in October of that year.  Activities on tap in Anthony include a car show, golf tournament and “THE FIRST EVER WORLDWIDE LEAP YEAR FESTIVAL ICE HOCKEY GAME!!!”  Gee, I wonder how long it took em to field two teams of players born on February 29th?

On the other hand, if spending your birthday deep in the heart of New Texicas isn’t your idea of a good time, the Z Hotel in NYC is reportedly offering a free one-night stay for anyone born on this day.  Dinner for two at their restaurant?  29 dollars!

I guess when you only have a birthday once every four years, it’s worth going all-out to celebrate…

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