COMMENT OF THE DAY: Not-So-Super Mario for PM?


Using the Mittbucks online calculator, the Toronto Star has determined that Mitt Romney would hafta pay over 3,300 bucks for a pizza in order to know what the average Canadian feels like.  He would also need to spend $88.06 for a 591 millilitre bottle of pop to live in the same squalor as our prime minister, Stephen Harper.  Why does this matter when Romney’s an American, and won’t be running for office in Canada any time soon?  Good question.  You’d think they at least could’ve found some US data to use…

However, the piece raises the point of how politics is considered a game for the ruling classes, and that the common man need not apply.  But who is the common man, anyways?  Not plumbers, apparently…


Y’know, I can see the guy’s point.  The average citizen doesn’t stomp Koopa Troopas, ride a green lizard with an insatiable appetite, or fly with the use of a feather, for that matter. ;)

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