Episode 13 of Gruesome Tunes now available for download!

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02/05/12 PLAYLIST

Place of Skulls – Desperation (As a Dog Returns) 5:34

Sexton Creeps – God is an Audience Too Divine to Clap (The Sour Acre) 4:13

Atlantean Kodex – Fountain of Nepenthe (The Golden Bough) 10:08

Rival Sons – On My Way (Before the Fire) 5:18


Uzala – Fracture (self-titled) 2:42

Red Giant – Herds of Something Else (Dysfunctional Majesty) 5:39

Black Sleep of Kali – There is Nothing (Our Slow Decay) 5:37

Rival Sons – Memphis Sun (Before the Fire) 3:50

Gniyrg Gnaarg – Enter the Dungeon (From Mother Sun) 10:02


Bloodiest – Slave Rule (Descent) 9:02

Earthride – Supernatural Illusion (Something Wicked) 6:28

Lo-Pan – Callahan (Sasquanaut) 3:31

Brainoil – The Beauty of Death (Death of this Dry Season) 3:40

Godstopper – Clean House (Demo 2010) 7:36


Discharge – Corpse of Decadence (War is Hell) 2:31

Beneath Oblivion – Atomic Mother (From Man to Dust) 9:28

Macabre – The Big Bad Wolf (Grim Scary Tales) 4:06

Lo-Pan – Deciduous (Salvador) 3:34

Rising – Hunter’s Crown (To Solemn Ash) 4:37

Gypsy Chief Goliath – Saint Covens Tavern (It’s a Walk in the Mist) 7:01

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