40 bucks to watch the Super Bowl at the Sound Academy!? That seems a little steep…

Not sure how I got on this mailing list, but yesterday, I got an email about this bitchin’ Super Bowl party:

Oh man, where do I begin?  First of all, the Polson Pier is not what I’d consider Downtown Toronto.  I mean, it is on the waterfront, so you can’t get any further south–but it’s an isolated venue that’s a long, winding bus ride and a considerable hike away from any downtown landmarks.  Don’t think you can walk home–unless you live on a houseboat.

Y’know, I was kinda hoping that the “NFL’s ONLY Official Super Bowl Party” would at least bring up a couple Buffalo Bills or something, maybe get Doug Flutie’s classic rock cover band, or have Thurman Thomas rant about how the Bills shouldn’t be playing up here, since it was so much fun the last time.  But no, the best they can do is NFL cheerleaders, which are really just dancers in team uniforms.  Hell, they could just get some local models to put on cheerleader outfits, and no one would know the difference.  Then there’s the “Taste of the NFL Tailgate.”  Mmm, pass the cortisone!

Oh yeah, and then there’s the price.  For the record, that $35.99 is a special price that you can only get through this website, which claims that the “Box Office Price” is 40 bucks.  I just double-checked, and my ticket to see Kyuss Lives! at the same venue cost me $29.50.  Mind you, that didn’t include taxes and service charges–or NFL cheerleaders, for that matter.

Alas, it would take one helluva great band to get me back to the Sound Academy.  A game that I can see on any TV in the city–for a concert-sized price?  Fuhgeddaboudit!

Got a happening Super Bowl party this Sunday?  Charging less than 40 bucks to get in?  Drop me a line; I still haven’t made plans yet…

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4 responses to “40 bucks to watch the Super Bowl at the Sound Academy!? That seems a little steep…

  1. hope you didn’t waste your money for this superbowl party at sound academy – i won tickets from nissan canada for myself and 7 guests and we left an hour after getting in. one ticket for tailgate food ( choice of a salami type sandwich or deep fried talapia on a hotdog bun – both approx half a small hotdog size; and 1 ticket for a can of budlight beer. Typical club event where you pay high prices for cheap stadium type food and alcohol; only VIP passes ( $5000 for 10 tickets got you unlimited food and beer )

    • No, I did not. I wouldn’t have posted this topic if I had any intention of going. ;)

      Alas, while I avoided the 10-dollar cover at Real Sports by arriving real early, I ended up spending 80 bucks on food and drink. On the plus side, I wasn’t forced to consume Budweiser…

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