What piece of concealing clothing will they ban next!?

I’ll admit that it makes sense to ban cell phones in high schools, though I have a hard time understanding why all high school students must have one in the first place.  On the other hand, banning an article of clothing because it could be used to conceal a cell phone is pure and utter stupidity.  Yet that’s the course of action taken by Pottstown Middle School in the Philadelphia suburbs, which is banning UGG boots because some students use them to smuggle their phones into class.

According to Reuters, first-time offenders will get detention, and subsequent violations include two detentions, followed by confiscation of the phone.  But what if there is no phone in the boots?  Will students still be charged for their crimes against fashion?

Furthermore, if boots can be used to hide phones, why not ban backpacks, purses, or even pants?  Seems to me that most people keep their phones in their pants pocket.  I know I do.  But no matter how far they go in Pottstown, at least we know that they won’t be replicating the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s ban on Lululemon pants.  There’s no place to hide a phone in those!

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