Think your office is the pits? Try working in the basement of the Big O for 26 years!

I gotta say, I don’t have it too badly at the office.  Though I work in a cube farm, it’s reasonably well-lit, with my desk right next to a window overlooking Bay Street.  On the other hand, it’s hard not to feel bad for the employees of several provincial sporting organizations in Quebec, whose offices have been “temporarily” located in the fifth and sixth levels of the parking garage at the Big O for over 25 years.

As La Presse reports, turnover is high and morale is low in an office setting where employees have no access to any form of natural light in a veritable maze of underground tunnels.  «On perd deux ou trois personnes par semaine dans ce labyrinthe», jokes one long-time employee.  (Translation: “We lose two or three people a week in this labyrinth!”)

And that’s not to mention the leaks, smells and other perks of working in a sub-basement.  «Un jour de pluie abondante, la Fédération de canot a même eu droit à une cascade… dans ses bureaux! C’est comme cela presque toutes les semaines.»  (Translation: “One rainy day, the (provincial) canoe federation was able to go for a paddle … in their own office!  It’s like this almost every week.”)

Since office space above ground at the fameux Stade doesn’t appear to be forthcoming, several organizations with the means to move out have done so.  Hockey Quebec was the latest to leave, moving into an office in Anjou, where employees are now more productive.  Perhaps its time for the province to bring the rest of its sports federations out of the dark ages?

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