AMATEUR CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY HOUR: Fu Manchu, Honky, The Shrine @ Horseshoe Tavern, November 11, 2011

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Though I don’t go to the Horseshoe very often, it seems to be a question of quality over quantity when I think back to some of the gigs I’ve seen there: Mudhoney, OFF!, Earthless blowing Witch off the stage, Quest For Fire, Chylde’s only Canadian gig, 3Tards 10th anniversary, and one memorable CMW where The Creepshow had to follow White Cowbell Oklahoma, who left quite a mess on stage.  Actually, I think that’s pretty much all the gigs I’ve seen at the Shoe.  Like I said, quality over quantity…

That said, you can certainly add this one to the list.  A solid three-band bill on a Friday nite, headlined by the Kings of the Road, Fu Manchu–you really can’t go wrong!

The Shrine were pretty solid openers, garage/stoner rock.  Their singer looks like a pothead Dave Grohl (though I didn’t get a good picture of his face…)

Honky was a band that really lived up to its name.  Had ZZ Top started out in the late 90’s instead of the late 60’s, they’d probably be something like Honky… (They got a lot wilder after I put the camera away!)

Dunno why I thought the Fu was playing King of the Road on this tour.  Well, they did play three tunes from it, but In Search Of… was their focus, which is still A-OK with me.  I’d always pictured Scott Hill as a laid-back dude, but he had tons of energy tonite!  While he and Kurt Cobain even go to the same barber, he has a slightly better haircut. ;)

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