Did Brandi Passante really used to strip at a club name-dropped by Motley Crue?

It seems that several people on the interweb are wondering the same thing: How did Brandi, every storage auction fan’s favourite MILF, end up with a loser like Jarrod?  Well, after that “Storage Wars Unlocked” episode where Jarrod told the awkward story of how they met, some people say they’re convinced that they both worked at a strip club.  In fact, some random dude on Wikianswers says he used to get table dances from her in the late 90s at Seventh Vail.  Well, turns out that buddy can’t spell, but Seventh Veil is indeed a Sunset Blvd strip club that’s still around today.

Apparently, it used to be a pretty happening place in the 80′s.  Motley Crue even mentions it in the second chorus of “Girls, Girls, Girls”–though it’s not the club that appears in the video

Girls, Girls, Girls
At the Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale
Girls, Girls. Girls
Rocking in Atlanta at Tattletails
Girls, Girls, Girls
Raising Hell at the Seventh Veil

However, judging by the recent reviews, it’s not such a hot spot nowadays.  One might even say it’s stuck in the 80′s, as the old-school posters outside would confirm.  An in-depth review by LAist.com, entitled The Least Exciting Strip Club in Hollywood, really sheds some light on what a lame, boring place it’s become.  I also wasn’t aware that you couldn’t drink alcohol at strip clubs in the States–sounds like you’d hafta tie a few on for those ladies to appear attractive.

That said, I could definitely picture Jarrod as the guy yelling “These girls aren’t up there for nothing! Get those wallets out!”–but Brandi isn’t what I’d call a “sweaty, stretch-marked,  sub-human,” not by any stretch.  Thus, I remained unconvinced that she stripped for money until I see some pics.  If you wanna prove me wrong, please feel free to send ‘em my way. ;)

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15 responses to “Did Brandi Passante really used to strip at a club name-dropped by Motley Crue?

  1. Not sure where u heard that a person cannot drink alcohol in U.S. strip clubs, but you’re most definitely misinformed! While it’s possible that there might be some states, or maybe certain titty-bars that don’t sell/permit the sale of alcohol, they’re by NO MEANS the “norm.” I know from 1st-hand experience that there are MANY strip clubs in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, & Arkansas that will sell u as much alcohol(beer and/or hard liqour, depending on the law/ordinance of the state/county/city in which the club is located) as u can drink/afford! Now, those strip clubs located in cities/counties/states that enforce the “Blue Law” on the sale of alcoholic beverages must stop selling drinks at 1:00am Sunday morning, & can’t start selling alcohol again until sometime on Monday. Certain cities/counties may have additional laws or ordinances that determine what time of night any establishments in their jurisdiction must stop selling/serving alcohol. In Lowndes Co., MS for example, county ordinance states that any alcohol-serving establishment must cut-off the sale of alcoholic beverages by midnight Sunday through Thursday nights, & by 1:00am on Friday & Saturday nights. Laws & ordinances vary from town to town, county to county, & state to state, but I’d be willing to bet a couple cases of the ice-cold cervesa of your choosing, that you wouldn’t have 1 minute’s trouble finding a nice selection of “Gentlemen’s Clubs” that keep all the fake titties AND alcohol “on-tap” u could possibly want, in all 50 states of the Union!!!

  2. I believe full nude strip clubs in LA are unable to sell liquor – but topless only strip clubs can. That was the deal in years past from my experience at least. I can remember doormen telling friends and I that “you can drink in your car, but you can’t drink in here” at a couple full nude places like Spearmint Rhino. The topless places I’ve been always had beer at minimum. I guess LA government thinks topless isn’t sufficient to drive a drunk man to craziness, but once they see the bottoms off they will lose all control? Who knows!

  3. you can drink at strip clubs in the states but when there is full nudity (vagina showing) they cant. furthermore im an ex stripper and web model and im not a “sweaty, stretch marked, sub human”, so there is that. chances are unlikely ill ever xone back here to see a response so have a wonderful day amd life :).

  4. I think it’s funny how (some) Americans get so uppity over the issue of alcohol in strip clubs. If you’d bother to read the comments already posted, you’d see that it’s already been discussed, and I now know how things work down there in that regard. If you can’t be bothered to do that, you don’t deserve to post here.

    That said, I’m tired of seeing new, useless comments pop up on something I wrote back in October. This post is now closed for commenting. “have a wonderful day amd life” as a certain ex-stripper would say.