URBAN EATERY ODYSSEY Day 15: Bourbon St Grill

Although I didn’t watch the game, after the Saints’ overpowering defeat of the Colts last nite, I felt strangely compelled to eat Cajun fast food.  Okay, fine, so Bourbon St. Grill was next on my list, anyways…

With a sizeable selection of heat-lamp warmed meats, veggies and starches, I went for the Cajun chicken and coconut shrimp with seasoned rice and sweet corn.  I hafta say, their coconut shrimp tasted exactly like the ones across the food court at Ruby Thai, and I wondered if it would have been the same story had I ordered the blackened chicken or the beef ribs.

As it stands, Cajun chicken is a pretty liberal term.  What exactly does “Cajun” taste like?  Well, in this case, it was a thick, red barbeque sauce with a bit of a kick that balanced out the sweetness of the shrimp—though you wouldn’t wanna get any of it on the shrimp themselves.

They also weren’t quite as liberal with their portions as their Asiatic competitors, but you still got plenty of food and drink for 11 dollars and change.

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