When all else fails, turn to Ruth Ellen Brosseau!

Although Peter MacKay stole most of the headlines in yesterday’s Question Period, the opposition continued its attack on Tony Clement, who remains mum on the G8 slush fund.  With the NDP failing to get a rise out of the Treasury Board President, they went with an old party adage to attempt to draw comment from Clement: When all else fails, turn to Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

After two more direct challenges to Mr. Clement’s fortitude, the NDP sent up Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the member for Berthier-Maskinongé and the subject of countless jokes. ”As a single mother, my days are very full,” she said, standing straight and tall with her hands folded together in front of her. She proceeded to explain her commitments to home and family and work and her efforts to get home at a decent hour.

“The last thing I want is to hear about the mismanagement of public funds at the G8 summit,” she claimed. A minister who does not respond to questions and refuses to accept responsibility, is that really the model we want to pass on to our children?”

You go, girl!  Too bad John Baird didn’t give you much of an answer, though…

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3 responses to “When all else fails, turn to Ruth Ellen Brosseau!

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