Calling Dr. Love: Shania Twain’s stalker is an Ottawa doctor!

So, today the trial began of Dr. Giovanni (John) Palumbo, a 51-year-old general practitioner in the Ottawa area, accused of stalking Canadian country music “icon” Shania Twain.  Though she apparently has a thing for older men (just ask Mutt Lange), it seems that Palumbo couldn’t woo the 46-year-old singer with lines in love letters like:

“I was amazed by you since the first time I met you 15 years ago,” Twain read from the letter, adding that the statement made her feel uncomfortable.

“I love you more than anybody else in the world could love you,” the letter went on. “I will do anything and everything for you. I need you.”

Yeah, that’s a little creepy.  Apparently, the guy also drove his Lamborghini(!) up to her cottage in the Muskokas, and went to her brother-in-law’s garage to see if he could get any dirt on her.  Palumbo had already been arrested in ’09 for his strange behaviour, and was found in violation of the conditions of his parole when he showed up at the Juno Awards back in March, where Twain was on stage for something or other.  (Who watches the Junos, anyways?)

And here’s the kicker: he’s already unofficially plead guilty, interrupting Twain’s testimony by crying out “Eileen you can trust me. I am going to plead guilty.”  Apparently, that’s her real name, which leads me to propose an alternate form of punishment, being the progressive that I am: Six months in a well-lit room with Dexy’s Midnight Runners on repeat!

(Hey, it beats listening to Shania Twain!)


UPDATE 4:48 PM: CBC has revealed more details about Palumbo, namely that he also went past Twain’s cottage in a boat, attended her grandmother’s funeral, and sent flowers to her in Switzerland.  And then there’s this:


“Palumbo’s ex-wife, Christel Palumbo, told Postmedia News her ex-husband had created a “shrine” for Twain in his Ottawa home following their separation, and that she discovered 30 CDs filled with images of Twain, along with videotapes documenting Twain’s various televised appearances.”

Next thing you know, he’ll have burned all his Def Leppard records in effigy while dancing on a life-sized cardboard cutout of Mutt Lange…

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