I just got back from CKLN’s vintage vinyl sale, and boy, are my arms tired!

As you may know, I was a CKLN volunteer from 2005 till they went off the air in April.  Without a radio frequency to broadcast on, the station is being evicted from its space on the Ryerson University campus, forcing it to sell off the large collection of vinyl from deep in its vaults.  Truth be told, I didn’t go back there that often, as the space was pretty disorganized, not to mention that the turntables at the station were rarely in working order.  I know that CKLN was predominantly an alternative/hip hop station, but it has a long history of metal programming with shows like Aggressive Rock, ReggaeCore and Satan Takes A Holiday.  (I consider myself to be more a blip on the radar screen.  My show only lasted three years…)  I figured I might find some good stuff if I got there early.  Turns out, I did okay.  Here’s what I picked up:

70’s prog/classic rock

  • Deep Purple – Fireball
  • Deep Purple – Stormbringer
  • Dr. Feelgood – Mad Man Blues
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Gold & Platnium
  • Van Der Graaf Generator – Pawn Hearts
  • Beau Dommage – s/t (Apparently, they’re the greatest Quebec band ever.  I had to see what the fuss is about…)

Out of print 80’s stuff

  • The Southern Death Cult – s/t
  • Toronto – Head On
  • Toronto – Get It On Credit

Oh yeah, I also bought some METAL.

  • Gang Green – You Got It (Roadracer, 1987)
  • Grave Digger – Heavy Metal Breakdown (Banzai, 1984)
  • Jaguar – This Time (Attic, 1984)
  • Tyran Pace – Long Live Metal (Banzai, 1985)
  • Thor – Only the Strong (Viper, 1985)
  • Exodus – The Lunatic Parade b/w Good Morning 12″ single (Capitol, 1990)
  • 1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut b/w Hey Asshole 12″ single (Cargo, 1990)
  • Roadrunner Records 100% Pure Metal Sampler – feat. Mercyful Fate, Battleaxe, Mad Max, Dark Heart, Blackout, Spartan Warrior, Samain & Jaguar

Not too shabby, eh?  Well, just when I was about to go, I heard some guy exclaim “Man, I oughtta buy this one and frame it.”  I turned my head to see what he was holding up.

“Dude, you taking that?”

“Nope, you can have it.  Here’s another one, too.”

And that’s the story of how I acquired this holy grail of Canadian heavy metal:

The sale continues today until 4 pm, and they were still bringing in trashbins fulla records when I left.  See the poster above for more details.  All items are priced in bulk for about a dollar apiece.  Lemme know if you find anything good.



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